Wooden toys - winter

  • Wooden toys - winter
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A set of 3 Nins of wood, 3 nins of wood with a hat, 3 cups , 9 rings, 9 coins

Nature is like a colourful album of images that gives us a beautiful scene month after month. No matter where we live, in the countryside or in the city, each season has its own beauty and colours. Each carrying with it a different mood of soul. This material will allow children to experience and appreciate the many ways in which the nature of the environment evolves and changes. That is why each set in the series represents a season and its elements are impregnated with the colours of the cycle of life.

In Winter nature appears as if she is in a deep sleep. In places that are very cold it is tranquil with a feeling of loneliness. The colours are blue,grey, purple and white.

Hand painted with natural water-based paints and finished with waxes and oils of vegetable origin. Sometimes it can happen that by an excess of pigments some pieces lose some colour when coming into contact with saliva, no problem, they are absolutely safe and non toxic.

Made from birch or beech wood

Made in Spain

Recommended age: 1 year and more

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